Tangent has developed solutions for make your database work more better and more efficiently

Integrate with your web site

Access can be linked to a database on your web server.
Access can be used as a “front-end” for your web data to allow office staff to interact with it in a more user friendly method.

Send personalized emails

Access can be used to generate personalized emails based on database data. Emails can also include a custom PDF attachment that is individually generated .

Send email merges

Access can be automated to generate email merges to allow users to send individual emails to people in your database. Each email message can include customized message text and an attached PDF, such as an “on the fly” generated report.

For larger email lists, your Microsoft Access database can be integrated with your Mailchimp subscriber list.

Generate Word documents from templates

Word document templates can be dynamically populated with data from your Access database.

Reporting across many data sources

Access has the ability to link to many different types of data sources. It can be an excellent tool for gathering data from several disparate databases and assembling them into a coherent package. This is especially useful where legacy systems are in place that lack flexible reporting tools.

Import / Export Data files

Access can be setup to allow for easy and consistent import and export of data to / from other formats, such as Microsoft Excel and csv text files.

Web Databases

Using Microsoft Access with Office 365 or Microsoft Sharepoint, web applications can be built.

Sharepoint Integration

Basic Sharepoint intranet applications can be built in Microsoft Access.